Our New Medical Education Building

The School of Medicine has a unique opportunity to simultaneously reinvent our educational program and to build a physical environment that will support a remarkably innovative educational process. The benefits to our students, our faculty, our institution and, ultimately, our whole community will be extraordinary. And to be realized, our shared dream needs your support.

Ultimately, this isn’t about academic achievement, accolades or infrastructure but about connection. This new facility will connect physicians, surgeons and biomedical scientists who are passionate about teaching with the most promising students of the future. It will help develop physicians who serve their patients creatively and compassionately and who understand how to bring the latest in biomedical science and procedural medicine to bear. This new facility will unite us as partners in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Form a new connection with us today, and together, we will shape the next generation of physician leaders.

There are numerous opportunities to support our new medical education building. If you’d like to discuss these, Teri Lemons would be happy to talk with you.

tlemons@wakehealth.edu or 716-3928

  • Entirely contingent upon philanthropy, the new medical education building will allow everyone to participate in an incredible legacy...

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